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XP-Engine Build School

You always said you wanted to build your own engine.
Now here’s your chance.

BUILD_SCHOOL_PHOTO.jpgCongratulations - you’re building your own airplane. That’s something to be very proud of. So many people dream it. So few actually do it.

Now that you’ve decided to power your new airplane or helicopter with an XP-Series Engine there’s only one more decision to make: Do want it assembled by our professional engine builders or would you rather enjoy the experience of building it yourself at Superior Air Part’s Engine Build School? Either way, you’re getting the best sport aviation engine in the business.

Located within our state-of-the-art engine build facility at our headquarters in Coppell, Texas, well over 100 XP-Engine owners have already enjoyed the thrill of assembling their new engine.

Of course, if you’d rather have one of our experienced engine
technicians assemble your XP-Engine, we can do that too. No matter what you want, there’s a Superior XP Engine program that’s right for you.

Program #1

Build it and brag.

Few experiences compare to the excitement of building your own
engine. This option is for the owner who has the experience and enthusiasm to get hands-on and build their own XP-Engine. You will work in a dedicated engine bay under the guidance of a Superior Build Center engine-assembly instructor/technician.

Program #2

We build your XP-Engine.

This is Superior’s standard Build Center option package. It is an XP-Engine that is fully assembled and tested at Superior’s Build Center, then shipped to your location for installation on your aircraft.

Program #3

We build. You watch.

This option is for the builder who wants to know more about engine operation and assembly. You will visit the Build Center to receive a training course on basic operations and have the opportunity to watch your XP-Engine being assembled part-by-part.

Program #4

Have one of our Authorized Engine Builders assemble your new engine.

Superior Air Parts has designated a select number of independent engine builders as our Authorized Engine builders. Your new engine is built to your exact specifications using only Superior-supplied parts and components then shipped to your location for installation on your aircraft.


For questions about the XP-Series Engine Build School, please contact:

® XP-Engine is a Registered Trademark of Superior Air Parts, Inc.

Check out some of the previous Superior Air Parts Build School particpants.

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