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Superior's XP-Series

are the #1 factory new

engines for the

Sport Aviation Market

From 150 to 185 horsepower, there’s a factory new XP-Engine for your homebuilt aircraft or helicopter

Superior’s XP-Engines give airplane and helicopter builders the widest array of factory new engine models and horsepower ranges so you can find the perfect blending of performance, reliability and value to “re-power” your current aircraft or for your next project.

Starting with a 150-horsepower XP-320 to the 180 horsepower XP-360, no matter which XP-Series Engine you choose, you are getting a factory fresh engine that brings you all of Superior’s industry leading design, manufacturing and performance advancements. You get an engine that runs better, smoother, and cooler than anything in its class.

Standard XP-320 and XP-360 Engines are made with brand new parts. The same parts used to build our 180-horsepower FAA-certified Vantage Engine. When you choose an XP-Engine you are truly getting factory engine quality at a homebuilt price.

For optimum flexibility and value, the XP-320 and XP-360 also have the flexibility to run on either 100LL Avgas or unleaded automotive gasoline.*

Of course, as an industry innovator, Superior has an array of non-certified parts and components that are not available on any standard factory engines. Current options include roller lifters, cold air induction sumps, electronic ignition, and performance fuel injection systems. 

Superior also stands behind the quality of every XP-Engine with the best warranty in the business.

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*NOTE: Superior XP-Engines are approved for 100LL Avgas per ASTM D910, 91/98 (lead optional) and motor gasoline with a minimum antiknock index (R=M/2 method of 91 per ASTM D4814 (European EN228). Use of auto fuel blended with alcohol (ethanol) is forbidden.

  • The XP-360 Engine® series, when operated with pistons of 8.5:1 or lower compression ratio, can operate and perform at rated power using unleaded auto fuel. Engines with a compression ratio of 8.5:1 must be operated on a minimum of 91 Octane auto fuel. Engines with compression ratios of 7.2:1 or lower can operate on a minimum of 87 Octane auto fuel.

  • The higher the octane used in the XP-360 Engine®, the greater the detonation margin during high power and/or hot operation. When operating on unleaded fuel, Superior recommends using fresh, premium, auto fuel available at a major brand, reputable gas station.

® XP-Engine, XP-320, XP-360 and are Registered Trademarks of Superior Air Parts, Inc.
® Millennium Cylinder is a Registered Trademark of Superior Air Parts, Inc.
® Vantage Engine is a Registered Trademark of Superior Air Parts, Inc.

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  • Over 2,000 FAA-approved PMA parts and components available
  • Manufactured with the most advanced materials
  • Sold through a global network of dealers and distributors

superior air Millennium Cylinders

  • Advanced aluminum alloy heads
  • Computer-generated head fin design
  • Through hardened steel barrels
  • 37 month warranty

superior air Vantage Engines

  • FAA certified
  • 180-horsepower
  • Runs on Avgas or automotive gasoline*
  • Millennium Cylinders®

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