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Warranty Claim Form

Superior Products Warranty Claims Instructions

All warranty claims must be submitted to Superior Air Parts and must comply with these instructions.
Failure to comply with the following instructions may result in your claim being returned or denied.

  1. A claim must be submitted within thirty (30) days of discovery of the warrantable items. The claim and all items requested for investigation must be returned to Superior Air Parts. All inquiries into the claim status must be made through Superior Air Parts.

  2. This warranty claim form or special form as specified in a Superior Service Letter or Bulletin must be completed. Fill in as much information as possible. Failure to do so may result in a delay or denial of your warranty claim.

  3. The warranty claim form and all parts claimed which are not repairable or reusable must be sent to Superior Air Parts. All parts relating to the claim should be saved until the claim is finalized. The parts returned with the claim that is approved for payment will not be returned.

  4. Please send a copy of the logbook entry, which shows date in service and a copy of the original invoice from Superior for the sale of the parts to the first customer.

  5. Specifics on the claim form:

    • The complete part number, part description, and the cost of the part used in the repair must be stated on the claim. Reimbursement above your cost of parts is not permitted.

    • The serial number on serialized items, such as cylinders and camshafts, must be stated in the appropriate place on the claim form. The cylinder serial number is the last numeric digits on the side of the mounting flange. See the overhaul and repair procedure Service Letter for the exact location of the serial number.

    • EST LABOR TO REPAIR must be itemized in hours of labor times (x) the posted shop labor rate and in accordance with applicable published OEM labor allowance schedules. Flat rates will not be accepted. Note labor consideration only applicable to Superior Air Parts manufactured cylinders and engines unless otherwise specified. Warranty terms and conditions available at

    • Your cost invoices from your vendor for OUTSIDE REPAIRS and FREIGHT COST must be sent with your claim and parts.

    • Upon completion of the warranty claim form you will be provided with an RMA (return material authorization) form or warranty claim number and shipping instructions if applicable. 

    • A copy of the completed warranty claim form and if provided, a copy of the RMA must be included inside the box with the warrantable part. Failure to do so may cause a delay in processing your warranty credit. 

    • Email a copy of the completed warranty form to for warranty consideration and to obtain an RMA number or warranty authorization number.

Please click the file below. Print and complete this form in full then email to 


Warranty Claim Form

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