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Engine Management 101

Engine Management 101

Engine Management 101, the new book by Bill Ross and Superior Air Parts is packed with valuable information.

Some chapter titles include:

  • Choosing the Right Mechanic
  • Improving Engine Operations and Extending Engine Life
  • Using Your Oil Change as a Diagnostic Tool
  • Cylinder Compression Testing
  • What is This PMA Thing and How Will It Help Me Save Money?

Read the Jim Cavanagh book review for the Cessna Pilots Association.

To get Engine Managment 101 as a free flip book just send a blank email to:

You will receive a link to the free flip book.  There is also a PDF version if you prefer. 

Thank you for your interest in Superior Air Parts and Engine Managment 101.

~ The Superior Air Parts Team


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superior air Vantage Engines

  • FAA certified
  • 180-horsepower
  • Runs on Avgas or automotive gasoline*
  • Millennium Cylinders®

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  • 150- to 215-horsepower range
  • Runs on Avgas or automotive gasoline*
  • Aircraft, helicopter and aerobatic configurations
  • Millennium Cylinders®

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