Breaking Superior News:  
FAA approval has come through for the 
Alternative Method of Compliance on the Airworthiness Directivefor Superior Air Parts Millenium Cylinders:  
PDF with details here.
AOPA Live discusses the AMOC.
Read the AOPA article. 

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  • Advanced aluminum alloy heads
  • Computer-generated head fin design
  • Through hardened steel barrels
  • 37 month warranty
  • FAA certified
  • 180-horsepower
  • Runs on Avgas or automotive gasoline*
  • Millennium Cylinders®
  • 150- to 185-horsepower range
  • Runs on Avgas or automotive gasoline*
  • Aircraft, helicopter and aerobatic configurations
  • Millennium Cylinders®
  • Over 2,000 FAA-approved PMA parts and components available
  • Manufactured with the most advanced materials
  • Sold through a global network of dealers and distributors
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