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Model O-360/IO-360

Vantage Engine

FAA Certificated Vantage Engine®

  Vantage Engine
Engine Specifications
Number of Cylinders 4
Maximum RPM 2700
Bore x Stroke 5.125 x 4.375 in
Displacement 361 cu. in
Compression Ratio 8.5:1 

Drive: Direct, AS127 Type 2 Modified

 Type: Fixed-Pitch or Constant-Speed

Weight 275 to 295 lbs. (depending on accessories)
Engine Mount Types Type 1 or 2 Dynafocal, Conical
Cylinder Head Temperature

Maximum: 500° F

            Maximum Cruise: 430° F

Engine Performance  
 Max. Continuous Brake Horsepower 180     
 Max. Recommended Cruise (Hp): 75% (135 Hp) 
 Fuel Consumption at Max. Cruise 10.0 (LOP)/11.4 (ROP)gal/hr 
 Fuel Consumption at Max. Cruise  39.75 (LOP)/40.05(ROP) liters/hr
 Best Brake Specific Fuel Consumption  .43 lb/Hp-hr
 Fuel Type  100LL or unleaded automotive gasoline
Engine Dimensions  


24.6" H x 33.4" W x 32.8" D             

24.6" H x 33.4" W x 32.8" D  


For information about the Vantage Engine, please contact:

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