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L00-02COverhaul and repair procedures for the SL54002-A1 Wide Flange, Up Exhaust, Cylinder Stud Assemblies
L00-03DOverhaul and Repair Procedures for the SL54002NLC-A1 Narrow Deck, Long Reach, Coarse Thread Exhaust
L00-04COverhaul and Repair Procedures of SL54002NLF-A1 Narrow Deck, Long Reach, Fine Thread Exhaust Stud,
L00-05COverhaul and Repair Procedures for the SL54002NSC-A1 Narrow Deck, Short Reach, Coarse Thread Exhaust
L00-06COverhaul and Repair of the SL54002NSF-A1 Narrow Deck, Short Reach, Fine Thread Exhaust Stud, Up Exha
L00-07AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance for SL36006W Cylinder
L00-08COverhaul and Repair Procedures for Standard Cast Cylinders P/N SL36006N-A1 and SL36006W-A1 Cylinder
L00-09BInstallation, Operation and Maintenance for SL36006N Cylinder Power Assemblies
L00-10AInstallation, Operation, and Maintenance for SL32006NA-A21P Cylinder Power Assemblies
L00-11AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance for SL32006N Cylinder Power Assemblies
L00-12CInstallation, Operation and Maintenance SL32006W Cylinder Power Assemblies
L00-13COverhaul and Repair Procedures for the following Sand Cast Cylinder Power Assemblies SL32006N, SL32
L00-21AHigh Chrome Replacement Exhaust Valve Guides
L01-01AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of Accessory Housing Assemblies
L01-02BOverhaul and Repair of Accessory Housing Assemblies
L01-03BInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of Oil Sump
L01-04BOverhaul and Repair of Oil Sump Assemblies
L01-05BInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of Crankcase Assemblies
L01-06BOverhaul and Repair of Crankcase Assemblies
L01-07BInstallation, Operation, and Maintenance for Superior Crankshaft
L01-08DOverhaul and Repair of Crankshaft Assemblies
L01-09AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of Vacuum Pump Adapter Assembly
L01-10AOverhaul and Repair Procedures of Vacuum Pump Adapter Assembly.
L01-11BInstallation, Operation and Maintenance Procedures for Propeller Governor Adapter Assemblies
L01-12AOverhaul and Repair of Propeller Governor Adapter Assemblies
L01-13BInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of Idler Gear Assemblies
L01-14AOverhaul and Repair Procedures for Idler Gear Assemblies
L01-15BInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of Propeller Governor Gearshaft
L01-16AOverhaul and Repair of Propeller Governor Gearshaft
L01-17CInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of Magneto Gear
L01-18BOverhaul and Repair Procedures of Magneto Gear
L01-19AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of Vacuum Pump Gear Assembly
L01-20AOverhaul and Repair of Vacuum Pump Gear Assembly
L01-21AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of Starter Ring Gear Support Assembly
L01-22AOverhaul and Repair of Starter Ring Gear Support Assemblies
L01-23AOverhaul and Repair for Valve Rocker
L01-24AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of Counterweight Roller SL14W21696
L02-01AFuel Injector Inspection of older SA52000-A1 Cylinder Stud Assemblies
L02-02BCrankshaft Assemblies without
L02-03AEngine Model Eligibilities for Oversize or Undersize Parts
L03-01AOverhaul and repair procedures for the SA52006-A1 Stud Assemblies.
L03-02AInstallation, operation and maintenance procedures for Cylinder Power Assemblies using P/N SA52006-A
L03-03BNew Engine Gasket Material
L03-04DInduction Kit Installation for Lightweight Sumps
L03-05CInstallation Instructions for SL Prefix Connecting Rod Bolts and Nuts
L03-06FLightweight Sump Installation Instructions
L04-01ASuperior PMA replacement Piston Ring gap information for Lycoming engines with choked steel or nitri
L05-01ASuperior PMA replacement Piston Ring gap information for Lycoming engines with straight (no choke) s
L05-02AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance for SA47006L Cylinder.
L05-03AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance for SA47006S Cylinder.
L05-04AOverhaul and Repair Procedures for the SA47006S-A1 (Short-reach Spark Plugs) and SA47006L-A1 (Long-R
L05-05AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance for SA55006 Cylinder Procedures for Cylinder Power Assemblie
L05-06BOverhaul and Repair of the SA55006-A1 Cylinder.
L05-07BEngine Starting Instructions for Installations with Electronic Ignitions and Lightweight Sumps
L05-08BXP Series Engine Preservation and Storage
L05-09BSuperior PMA replacement Piston Ring gap information for Teledyne Continental engines with steel or
L06-01AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance for Superior PMA Camshafts for use in Lycoming Engines
L06-02AOverhaul and repair of Superior Air Parts’ PMA Camshafts for use in Lycoming engines
L07-01AInstallation of Superior Steel Pushrods SL73806
L08-01AContinued Airworthiness, Overhaul, and Maintenance Data for Superior Roller Lifters
L08-03CFull TBO for Superior replacement cylinders for Teledyne Continental 470, 520, and 550 engines
L09-01AInstallation, Operation, and Maintenance Instructions for Superior P/N SL2157 Oil Filter Adapter
L10-01ASA638172 Magneto Drive Bushing
L11-01CEXPERIMENTAL ENGINES - Installation of the Superior removable style roller lifter body
L11-02AAVstar Fuel Systems Mandatory Service Bulletin AFS-SB6 and Pending AD for RSA-5 Fuel Injection Servo
L12-01AMinimum fuel flow data for Superior engine Model No. O-360-A3A2, when operated using ASTM D910, Grad
L12-05ACustomer Specification Engine Description and Service Information
L12-05ACustomer Specification Engine Description and Service Information
L14-01ASL13641 Magneto Drive Cushion
L17-01APreservation of Non-Installed Cylinder Assemblies
L84-02AExhaust Valve SA643873 Supersedes SA637781
L84-03AExhaust Valve SL16740 Supersedes SL73111
L84-04BNimonic Exhaust Valve SL19001 Supersedes SL74541
L85-02BMain Bearing Set Supercede
L85-05AGrinding of O-235 Cylinders to .010 oversize
L86-01BAvailability of Center-Vent Oil Control Rings
L86-02ARecommended Intervals of Time Between Overhaul Periods for Engines containing Superior Parts
L86-03BDriving Impeller Supersede
L86-07AEnd Gap Change of SL74673A Piston Ring
L87-03BRecommended Time Between Overhaul Period for SL13623 Pistons
L88-01AStarter Clutch Spring, Important Information
L89-02AInduction Hose Supersedes
L89-04DGrinding High Compression Nitrited Cylinder Plus Sizes
L89-05DGrinding Low Compression Turbo-Charged Nitrided Cylinder Heads
L90-01AApproval and Use of SL18729 Piston
L91-01AThe introduction of the SL13444-1 piston pin assembly for use in all 5.125 inch cylinder bore Textro
L91-02APart Number Confusion-Compliance with Airworthiness Directives, Letters, Bulletins and Instructions.
L92-01GInstallation, operation and maintenance for SA10200 Cylinder Power Assemblies.
L92-03DGrinding of high compression nitrided cylinder barrels and installation of pistons and rings
L93-02HOverhaul and Repair for SA10200-A1 Cylinder Stud Assy.
L93-03AOverhaul and repair procedures for the SL10301-A1 Stud Assembly and SL10301-A20P and SL10301-A21P Po
L93-04AOptional Advancement of Timing on the Teledyne Continental O-200A, B
L94-01Alifter or lifter body spalling, breakage or camshaft distress
L94-02ATextron Lycoming Service Bulletin No. 519, dated May 25, 1994.
L94-03ASA629117-1 and SA631654 Rotator Assembly
L94-05EOverhaul and repair procedures for the SL36000N-A1 and SL36000W-A1 Cylinder Stud Assembly
L94-06EOverhaul and repair procedures for the SL32000N-A1 and SL32000W-A1 Cylinder Stud Assembly.
L95-01ARebarreling of all Superior Air Parts, Inc. Millennium® Cylinders
L95-02APiston Rings for Chrome Plated Cylinders
L95-03APrimer Nozzle/Fuel Injection Interference
L95-04ASA10206 oil control ring supersedes the SA1007 oil control ring in steel cylinder bores.
L95-05ACylinder Assembly Inspection Practices
L95-09FInstallation of A65 Cylinder kit, SA65000S0.
L95-12BOverhaul and Repair Procedures for the SA65000-A20P Power Assemblies.
L96-02AValve Cover SL61247 Possible InterferanceSL61247 Valve Cover and Cessna 152 Engine Baffle Interferen
L96-04EOverhaul and repair procedures for the SA47000S-A1 (Short-reach spark plugs) and SA47000L-A1 (Long r
L96-05AIntroduction of New Single Piece Rocker Arm Bushing P/N SA520129 to replace the two P/N SA639629 or
L96-06BTeledyne Continental Aircraft Engine’s Service Bulletin SB96-12 and its effect on Superior Air Parts
L96-07ATCM AD96-12-06 O-200 Timing
L96-08DAircraft Break-in Procedure for Millennium Cylinders
L96-09DOverhaul and repair SA52000 cylinders.
L97-01DOverhaul and Repair of SL10302 cylinders.
L97-02DOverhaul and Repair of SL10303 Cylinders
L97-03DOverhaul and Repair of SL32000NA Cylinders
L98-01ATeledyne Continental Critical Service Bulletin CSB98-1B
L98-02BInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SL36000NL and SL36000WL Cylinders
L98-03COverhaul and Repair of SL32000WL Cylinders
L98-04COverhaul and repair procedures for the SL36000NL-A1 and SL36000WL-A1 Long Reach Cylinder Stud Assemb
L98-05DInstallation, Operation and Maintenance SL36000TW & SL36000TWL Cylinders
L98-06DOverhaul and Repair of SL36000TW and SL36000TWL Cylinders
L98-07BInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SL32000WH & SL36000WH Cylinders
L98-08DOverhaul and Repair of SL32000WH and SL36000WH Cylinders
L98-09AInstallation , Operation and Maintenance of SA654441 and SA654442 Valve Springs
L98-10BInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SL32000WL Cylinders
L99-01BInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SL18790 Rocker Arm Assembly
L99-02AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance For SA55000 Cylinder procedures for Cylinder Power Assemblie
L99-03COverhaul and Repair of SA55000 Cylinders
L99-04AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SA52000 Cylinders
L99-05CInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SL32000W Cylinder
L99-06AInstallation, Operation, and Maintenance of SL32000N Cylinder
L99-07AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SL32000NA Cylinders
L99-08AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SL36000N Cylinders
L99-09AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SL36000W Cylinders
L99-10AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SA47000L Cylinders
L99-11BInstallation, Operation and Maintenance SA47000S Cylinder
L99-12AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SL10302 Cylinder
L99-13AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SL10303 Cylinder
L99-14AInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SL54002 Cylinders
L99-15CInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SL54002NLC and SL54002NLF Cylinders
L99-16BInstallation, Operation and Maintenance of SL54002NSC and SL54002NSF Cylinders
L99-17AOverhaul and Installation of the IO-470 Cylinder Flange Change
L99-18EInstallation, Operation and Maintenance for Superior Connecting Rod.
L99-19BOverhaul and Repair of Connecting Rod
XPL01ASuperior Air Parts XP Engine And Part Modifications

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