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Advanced Aluminum Alloy Heads

Millennium Cylinders are manufactured from the most advanced alloys available. That means their structural strength exceeds the latest aerospace industry requirements for air-cooled cylinder heads. In addition, our head castings meet, or exceed, the industry’s more stringent standards for porosity and shrinkage. 

Increased Port Wall Thickness

The Millennium Cylinder’s unique design also features increased port wall thickness to virtually eliminate problems with premature warpage and cracking. In addition, the exhaust and intake ports are volumetrically matched to maximum output and performance. 

Computer-generated head fin configuration

Millennium Cylinders feature a new, advanced computer-generated head fin configuration that provides more consistent head thickness and spacing – that means they deliver more uniform heat transfer and fewer “hot” spots. 

Improved Cooling

Millennium Cylinders also have aerodynamically smoother surfaces to reduce wind resistance, which enables ambient air to more rapidly draw heat away. Bottom line: Millennium Cylinders run cooler and cooler cylinders last longer.

Through Hardened Steel Barrels

The barrel of each Millennium Cylinder offers uniform hardness all the way through the steel walls allowing the barrel to provide even wear while withstanding extreme cylinder temperatures and pressures. This means Millennium Cylinders typically reach and often exceed, recommended TBO times.

AMS6382 Steel Barrels

Millennium Cylinders are manufactured with AMS6382 steel barrels ensuring complete control of all critical manufacturing processes from the grain size of the steel to the elimination of both micro-impurities and defects in the alloy. Better materials mean better performing cylinders.

Advanced Cylinder Barrel Choke

Our advanced manufacturing techniques also enable us to craft the Millennium Cylinder’s barrel choke from 10 to 13 thousandths of an inch, allowing the rings and pistons to work more efficiently throughout the normal operating temperature range.


®Millennium Cylinder is a Registered Trademark of Superior Air Parts, Inc. 

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