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Millennium Cylinder

application charts

for Continental and

Lycoming engines

Millennium Cylinder Application Data

Cylinders For Continental Engines

 Part Number OEM Number Application
SA65000S0 N/A A-65 (Sold in Kit of 4 - STC)
SA10200-A20P 658319A2 O-200-A, B; C-125-2, C-145-2, -2H; O-300A, B, C, D
SA10200-A21P 658319A6 C-75, 85
SA10200-A22P 658319A4 C-90
SA47006L-A20P 658184A3/A4 O-470-U; IO-470-D, E, F, H, L, M, N, S, U, V
SA47006S-A20P 658183A4 O-470-G, M, P; IO-470-C, G, P, R
SA47006S-A21P 658183A3 O-470-K, L, R, S
SA52006-A20P 658175A4 IO-520-A, B, BA, BB, C, CB, D, E, F, J, K, L, M, MB
SA52006-A22P 658175A2

TSIO-520-AF, B, BB, C, CE, D, DB, E, EB, G, H, J, JB, K, KB, L, LB, M, N, NB, P, R, T, UB, VB, WB

SA52006-A23P 658175A3 IO-550-A, B, C
SA55006-A20P 658174A2 IO-550-D, E, F, L (Taper Finned Barrel)

Cylinders For Lycoming Engines

 Part Number OEM Number Application
SL10302-A20P 05K23040 O-235-F, J (High Compression)
SL10302-A21P 05K23037 O-235-K, L, M (Medium Compression)
SL32006N-A20P 05K21100 O-320-B, D, IO-320-B (Narrow Deck)
SL32006W-A20P 05K21100 O320-B, D; IO-320-B, D; AIO-320-B, C; AEIO-320-D; LIO-320-B (Wide Deck)
SL32006W-A21P 05K21237-A O-320-A, C, E; IO-320-A, E; AEIO-320-E; (Wide Deck)
SL36006N-A20P 05K21102

O-360-A, C; IO-360-B; HO-360-B; HIO-360-B; O-540-A, D, E, G; IO-540-C, D, N; TIO-540-G  (Narrow Deck)

SL36006N-A21P 05K21103 O-360-B, D; O-540-B (Narrow Deck)
SL36006TW-A20P 05K21117 O-540-J; IO-540-A, W (Thin Wide)
SL36006TW-A21P 05K21745 O-360-J2A; O-540-F1B5 (Thin Wide)
SL36006W-A20P 05K21104

O-360-A, C, F, G; IO-360-B, E, M; HO-360-C; HIO-360-B; LO-360-A; AEIO-360-B, H; O-540-A, E, G, H; IO-540-C, D, N, T; AEIO-540-D (Wide Deck)

SL36006W-A21P 05K21192 O-360-B, D; O-540-B

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